Why choose us

Huizhou JSC Furniture is a furniture manufacturer located in Huizhou, Guangdong, China. It was founded in 2009.We are situated in the picturesque Shuigong Industrial Zone by the West Lake, with a modern production facility covering 11,000 square meters and a brand-new factory spanning 25,000 square meters. We are committed to producing high-quality furniture, offering comfortable, durable, and modernly designed home products to customers worldwide.

As a versatile and high-efficiency furniture manufacturer, our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, including foam cutting machines, weaving machines, wood cutting machines, CNC panel cutting machines, sewing machines, and cushioning machines. Our production lines are meticulously optimized to ensure that every piece of furniture possesses exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Our team consists of 120 experienced employees who work together to produce 50 containers of furniture products each month. With the introduction of our new factory, our production capacity will increase to 100 containers per month, allowing us to better meet our customers' demands.

Our main products include fabric sofas, leather sofas, and sofa beds, which are widely used in markets such as Europe, Japan, the Middle East, South Korea, and the United States. Our client base comprises well-known brands like Conforama, Cafom/VU, Pan Emirates, Homebox, Seki Furniture, Charles Crown, SM/ZIN Furniture, The Gallery, OHEIM, and more.